8 sleeps to go

Posted on: February 21, 2011

8 sleeps to go

Today I spent the day at the gyne outpatients clinic at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.  It was my pre op assessment,  firstly I saw a jnr Dr (who was quite cute)  he asked me general questions about my health, checking my understanding of what I am about to go through.  This is the part where it gets freaky,  you know its serious when they use words like ‘acute’ and make reference to the size of surgical team that I have. Rather than go in to detail he mentioned that ‘oh we are doing a bit of everything on you’ which made me feel rather special.

Next I saw a nurse who ran me through the ‘ground rules’ and what to expect being an inpatient.  We didn’t discuss what I should bring in with me but we did talk about what and when I can eat,  it was interesting to know that I will be on fluids for at least 24 hours after the surgery,  food will be reintroduced gradually because of my possible bowel resection – the nurse said I was having a ‘bit of everything done’  I didn’t ask her to go in to details,  but both her and the Dr seemed not to want to go in to too much detail with me , which made me feel that they were holding something back but maybe that’s me being a bit paranoid. We also discussed pain medication,  my choice is epidural or morphine.  It looks like it is better for me to have an epidural as I suffer with sickness following anaesthetic  am not that chuffed about having one and I am quite freaked about the fact I will be conscious when they administer it – would just rather I was knocked out for the whole experience!.

Also I will have a catheter for at least 24 hours depending on what else they take from me.  Thank god I wont be awake when they do that!

Then I got my height and weight taken – very chuffed to be told I have gone from a BMI of 33 down to 26.4!

This nurse gave me 2 enemas – I have to do them 5 hours apart on Monday ,  got some gorgeous white stockings which I will wear whilst in hospital.  Had an MRSA swab and got to do a urine sample.  Oh the joys of hospital admittance.  Was a bit heavy handed with the MRSA swab – you need to take a swab from your nose and with your groin ,  I snapped the swab in half on my groin and it flew across the room, much to the amusement of the nurse who exclaimed ‘have never had one go that far before’.

Next I had to go and have an ECG taken – made a tit of myself there as I swear she asked me to strip off,  so I duly did – she actually asked me to strip off above the waist and to roll my trousers up,  of course she was a bit surprised to find me starkers on the bed!  And I was mortified when I realised my mistake. But hey this is an experience and this is one of those ones I would like to forget.

Final stop was blood tests.

On the way home we stopped for some food,  to give us some time to reflect on the information we had been given.  I am so pleased I took a bag,  was given so much stuff to take home with me I couldn’t have carried it loose.

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