Three sleeps to go

Posted on: February 26, 2011

Three sleeps to go

Dreams are about making us live life to the fullest, sorrows are about learning who we are, and wisdom is what we achieve from experiencing both

Today has really been about Duncan and I spending time together before the madness of next week starts.

Last week I stopped taking my HRT,  I have been taking Livial since Zoladex entered my life all those months ago.  I just forgot to take it for a couple of days and then on Monday was told that following the surgery I would not be able to take it for at least 8 weeks,  apparently if you take it immediately after a hysterectomy (only if you have endo) then it increases the chances of the Endo growing following surgery.  Obviously I am taking no chances there so I thought to myself – well I have been okay over the weekend,  not really noticed I haven’t taken it so I obviously don’t need it?!?!?!

The major difference I have noticed this week is that I have actually been able to sleep. Not alot but the sleep I have had has actually been good quality.  I had been suffering terribly with achey legs at night, but this week there has been a noticeable difference.

Hot flushes are another matter,  I have had a few more this week without the HRT but until last night they were not that bad really.

Oh my god,  last night I think I experienced about 4 or 5 in a row when we were out for a meal…. if you ever hear of a woman getting in trouble for stripping off in public and stating that its because she was hot …. chances are that this woman is me!

You could have fried an egg on my forehead ,  its also a great look when you have sweat beading down your face – particularly attractive.

I even grabbed an ice cube from my drink and held it to my chest …. this was a great idea! However I was wearing a low cut top and didn’t think about the fact that I was moving an ice cube across my cleavage and the melted water was dripping down my top between my breasts! Duncan had to point out to me that this was actually not that appropriate restaurant behaviour (oops).

Today I have had a few hot flushes,  but decided to test out my theory that alcohol brings the hot flushes on.  I obviously need to test this theory out more,  but would deduce from last night and lunchtime today that alcohol is a factor.

Emotions have been running high again today,  had a few wobbles,  mainly nerves I think.  To help support my vulnerable state I enjoyed 2 puddings after our lunch with friends.  Felt that as I am starting laxatives tonight 2 puddings would not actually count!

Have spent alot of time loading up my ipod with tunes, and meditations to do whilst in hospital.  Also Duncan and I went through the mounds of information the hospital gave me on Monday to make sure we have covered everything they said we needed to.

This was actually a really good idea,  within the paperwork there are exercises that I have to start doing from day one post surgery and I have learned how to do them before the op,  also have been learning the technique for getting out of bed,  this seems so simple but maybe by understanding it now it will help my recovery afterwards.

Am also doing a ridiculous amount of pelvic floor exercises on top of the other ab work I have been doing.  The literature suggests this helps recovery post op.

Tomorrow I am going to go and buy a special support pillow which is v-shaped,  apparently this is a good idea for supporting when I am sat and also for when I come home in the car you place it around your stomach to protect the wounded area.

I am so excited when I think about coming home,  it will mean that we have turned a corner and that all I need to do is get on with recovering. We feel that the last 18 months have been building up to this point, there has been so much time, effort and emotion, to nearly be at the eve of the big op feels rather surreal, mixed with anxiety, fear and excitement!

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