Two sleeps to go till ‘endopendence day’

Posted on: February 27, 2011

Two sleeps to go till ‘endopendence day’

Have decided to call Tuesday ‘Endopendence day’  I know this op won’t cure me but its a step to me regaining some of my life back.

Today has been a day of pottering around the house; I started laxatives last night and didn’t want to be venturing too far from home just in case.  Need to publicly apologise to my big sis for abruptly finishing our call tonight – you weren’t that boring really its the drugs ….. HONEST.

I thought I would write tonight about what preparations you need to consider before a hospital stay of this nature.

Firstly does your nearest and dearest know where all the important documents are kept? or what bills need to be paid when you are inside (sounds like I am doing time!)  Last weekend I spent the day filing letters and putting our life assurance documents in a more understandable order (I know where they are but if Duncan needs them its because I am not around).  This was good housekeeping – and in fairness I needed a kick up the backside to get it done, so it seemed that last weekend was as good a time as any.

Secondly, food – I mentioned before that you may want to cook meals and freeze them.  I haven’t done this majorly although I have got some soup portions in the freezer but I have done a big shop so we have a months worth of washing powder, and basic essentials – pasta etc.  This isn’t because Duncan is inept to shop but he is gonna have enough to do so it seemed only fair to do some preparation.

Thirdly,  today I have washed and dried outfits that I hope I can wear in hospital and for when I come home.  There are some basic no no’s like jeans.  So spend some time considering what you would like to wear and what you think you can wear. The best bit of advice I have been given (although obviously I need to try this out first) is to stay in nightdresses / PJ’s for as long as you can ,  the moment you start wearing ‘normal’ clothes you are giving a signal to yourself and the world that you are feeling better and you may start doing things you shouldn’t.

Duncan is brilliant but I draw the line at asking him to select what clothes I will come home in – so I have ironed a maxi dress and hung it up and told him that this is my going home outfit!

I have also washed and ironed some yoga leggings that I used to wear in my larger days so they should be plenty big enough.  As well as a couple of nightshirts.  Also have sorted out some old pants , you know the style I mean when I say Bridget Jones!

Fourthly, consider what you need to take in to hospital.

I have just packed my bag up and have put in essentials like shampoo, toothpaste, cotton buds,  a good friend told me to take some strong smelling body wash as the catheter can smell a little – nice!.  Have also put in a few bits to ‘pamper’ myself like nail varnish (you must remove nail varnish before any op), makeup and some perfume.  This probably sounds a bit vain, but let’s face it I am not going to be looking my best and a bit of slap will definitely be needed if I am to entertain any visitors!  The slippers I have are just fantastic – bright pink covered in feathers…. the nurses are gonna hate me !

And finally, this probably should have been my first point.  Consider what you want or need from your friends and family.  This is the hardest but for me has been the most important.  Any operation is about you, what support you need and what you and your nearest and dearest need.  My family all live a considerable distance away from me, as soon as I knew about this op I had a conversation with members of my family to see what they wanted or needed from us before we had the date.  That way there is no misunderstanding that may cause you unnecessary anxiety at an already difficult time. Remember that you will not please everyone but then they aren’t going through what you are!

It feels weird to be on the eve of the eve of this op ……. this has been coming for such a long time that I am glad it’s finally here.  I found an old diary of mine out today and read an extract from today 2 years ago, pre laparoscopies I was on norestherone, reading this really takes me back and reminds me of what my life was like back then, it was a timely reminder that for me this is the right thing to do.  Infact it was giving my diary to my GP that made him realise in 2005 that I wasn’t making up how I was feeling – just goes to show that it is so important to write a record of what we are going through,  not only for medical professionals but for you too!

“She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important—you know ”
Marilyn Monroe


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