Day two

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Day two

Thursday morning I had my first independent shower,  I had laid out my clothes, considered how I was going to put my pants on and how I would wash.  But I hadn’t thought about how I was going to dry my legs and had to pull the cord for assistance from the nurse.  This made me really weep, something so simple but it really got to me.

The nurses then said that I was actually ready to come home, I did not feel ready, it was a bit of a surprise to be told this and I was rather shocked.  I just felt too ‘out of it’ the Dr completed a blood test to check that I was not anaemic – this came back clear.

A nurse came to see me and we had a discussion about me going home,  I said I really didn’t feel well enough and to their credit they agreed that I could say another night  but I would be discharged first thing on Friday morning.

Dr Leadbeater gave me a visit during Thursday afternoon,  which was a real pleasure.  I had told him about my blog before he gave me the epidural and he wanted the website address, so I promised to give him a mention and thank him for his care and consideration.  THANK YOU x

By later on Thursday evening I was starting to feel more alert and more like myself.


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