Day four

Posted on: March 5, 2011

Day four

Whilst in hospital and upon returning home I have been experiencing some very strange feelings.  Its almost been that I am in someone elses body.  From other people I have spoken to who have experienced major surgery it is quite common,  everytime someone has asked how it went and I have recounted what happened my body has begun to tremble uncontrollably, I feel sick and really light headed,  this is partly the reason I have not been able to write my journal as it made me feel so woozy.

I am assured that this feeling is normal – someone called it post op shock.

My mother in law has arrived today it looks like I am now on a very tight leash! Am certainly being looked after.  It is very kind of so many people to take time out of their lives to look after me.

All joking aside,  I am allowed to do very little for 4 weeks,  I can’t carry anything that involves both hands,  I am unable to stretch or lay flat in bed due to discomfort. The physio told me that if it hurts I mustn’t do it.  But I know as hard as it is gonna be this is a small period of time in my life and if I am going to make sure that my recovery is speedy and that the adhesions inside me heal I need to do as I am told.

My head is definitely a bit clearer today, am making sure that my painkillers are taken at the right interval – the nurse told me not to be brave and to keep meds up , am only to reduce them once I have had 3 or 4 painfree days.

Also went for a walk today, literally about 5 car lengths was enough for me, it was hard even doing that – am amazed as to how much this has affected my stamina.


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