Day six HRT or no to HRT

Posted on: March 7, 2011

Day six

Am so pleased to say I had a better nights sleep.  The back rest Duncan has made meant that I could manoeuvre myself in to a better position in bed – was even able to get myself out of bed all on my own last night – simple milestone but a welcome one.

I am thinking maybe I did too much yesterday or the fact that I am trying not to take codeine is having an impact as I am definatley more uncomfortable today.  When walking and moving about I can feel my wound pulling.  Am even finding my exercises harder to do.  Also have some discomfort in my back and shoulders.

Have slept alot more today than I have since coming home.

I don’t want to generalise but I am finding that the whole ‘little girls room’ experience very unpleasant – the box technique works excellently , but it is very uncomfortable and at the moment is not getting any easier.

I am now faced with a dichotomy with regards to HRT,   Mr Warren advised that Livial is a safe HRT medication for me to take (if you have a hysterectomy due to endo you are advised not to take progesterone based HRT as it will feed the endo causing any residual endo to re grow, Livial is oestrogen), I trust my consultant when he says that Livial is the best HRT to take and that for me to go cold turkey and not take HRT may mean that I am unwell but my internal battle is that if there is ANY chance taking the HRT will make the endo return then I need to not take that risk.

I need to start between day seven and day ten so I have a couple of days to decide.


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