Day seven

Posted on: March 8, 2011

Day seven

Its incomprehensible that a week ago today I had my big op – I simply do not know where the time has gone.  I seem to have lost big chunks of time and completely forgotten that I have spoken to people.

What has been really nice today is that I have had some messages from a few ladies reading my blog to say that they are finding the information I am writing really helpful ,  one lady said I had given her hope for her op at the end of the month (will be thinking of you) and another remarked that she wished she had known some of this information when she went through her op last year.  Its good to know that this is useful as I don’t want it to be boring or too much!

I thought that with todays blog I would tell you about some practical aspects (food, painkillers, pillows and washing) that I missed from my long update that was loaded on here last night.

Food – very important,  the following day after surgery I was not allowed to eat until midday when I was given soup , jelly and ice cream,  and have remained on a light diet since.  Have avoided wheat and meat (which I didn’t eat before the op anyhow)  but the reading I have been doing suggests that you need to ensure you keep your nutrition up and avoid things that may bind you up (eggs, bread, bananas etc), was also advised at hospital to remain on a light diet until things got easier.  Also  I have experienced a lack of taste since my op only today have I really enjoyed my tea.  It is vitally important that you keep your fluid intake up to ensure you are hydrated.

Am still experiencing a difficulty with wind wanting to blow free so am continuing to drink Peppermint tea or just hot water.

Had a very difficult night last night with pain due to trapped wind & a need to go to the little girls room – it was really incredibly painful, the technique to raise your legs whilst in the bathroom is for me personally a godsend!  This isn’t getting easier yet but am living in hope that by the weekend I will be through the worst.

Painkillers,  whilst in hospital I had a mixture of pain relief,  following the epidural I was given liquid morphine for the first day with Diclofenac and paracetamol.  On discharge I was given diclofenac, paracetamol and codeine as well as Milpar.  The problem with taking Codeine is that it can bung you up (if you know what I mean) and considering that I am having to be careful what I eat it’s the last thing I need.  The nurse advised me that of all the medication I was sent home with the Codeine was the one to ‘drop’ as soon as I could.  I last took some on Sunday which is two days ago.  Codeine makes be believe I have wings and that I can fly,  on Friday after taking two I was buzzing around the house like you wouldn’t believe,  for me this is more dangerous than being in pain as it makes me forget that I shouldn’t be doing anything.  Am coping okay without it,  but will be a while before I stop taking the diclofenac and paracetamol,  the hospital advised that I have 4 clear painfree days before I stop taking them.  They only sent me home with 1 weeks worth so I spoke to my GP yesterday on the phone and I now have a supply that will last me a few weeks – yippee for drugs!

Pillows ,  I mentioned before that I had bought a v-shaped pillow – this is an absolute essential purchase,  I use it in bed and whilst sitting in the living room,  but Duncan also had to go and buy some more pillows to make the bed rest comfortable.  Am seriously suffering from a numb arse now and without nice padded pillows I would be so much more uncomfortable.  I was able to get myself out of bed last night without waking Duncan,  but I suffered for it afterwards as my wound was really pulling (also got earache from the man!) so will leave it a few more days before I attempt that one again.

Washing –  I completely underestimated how difficult it would be for me to do the simplest of things.  We don’t have a shower in our place and our neighbours are kindly letting me shower at theirs,  but rather than do that every day I am trying to alternate it.  My neighbour helped me get dressed after a shower on Sunday and she proceeded to dry my hair – David Cameron Big Society eat your heart out!!!

My wonderful mother-in-law (MIL) bought me some dry shampoo (not the spray stuff) which I am using and a stool so I can sit and wash myself, I am really not comfortable with having to sit down to do things makes me feel so incapacitated,  but it doesn’t take much for me to get light headed and giddy so sitting is far better than falling and hurting myself.

The funniest thing to happen today (sad that it comes to this) is that after having a wash I was sat on my new lovely stool and shouted through to Duncan and  MIL ‘who gets to pull my pants up today then!’  I was desperately hoping that Duncan would come but MIL was there instead – she was absolutely delightful and very considerate, was much less embarrassing than I was imagining it would be.

It’s difficult to know how much I should be getting about but I am getting up and walking around the house regularly and have ensured that I have had a little stroll outside each day ,  but I can’t make it far at all,  think today I achieved 5 car lengths – outstanding ……..


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