Day eight

Posted on: March 9, 2011

Day eight

Am not really sure where the time is going at the moment , but considering I am not doing anything other than eat , sleep and sit on the sofa time is passing quite quickly.  Had a shower today (we don’t have a shower so have been able to use my neighbours which is very kind) and I know the question at the forefront of your mind as you read this is ….. who got to pull my pants up ? well am not gonna tell you just yet…. its a cliffhanger

The one thing about having time that you don’t normally have when you are living your normal life is that you start contemplating and mulling over where you are at.  It has been interesting to listen to friends and families observations of how I have lived with this disease ,  a good friend reminded me that when we went out together I would travel sitting on a towel (towel which you dry yourself with NOT a sanitary towel) so if my body let me down it was on a towel and not on her car seat.  Another memory was whilst shopping in TK Maxx I was queing up to purchase something or other and I actually pee’d myself whilst in the que, with no warning that I even needed to pee (sadly this is not an isolated incident)  I now believe that this was endo related but you can imagine how mortified I was at the time, no medical professional has ever explained this to me it is just down to my own research that I know it is connected.

I was asked today if I felt any different physically since the op.  The answer is actually yes.  Honestly I feel freer than I have ever felt, its like a coil that was tightly bound has been released.  Even with the discomfort from the op I can tell the difference.   I do wonder what happens to the space that has been left by the removal of my uterus , ovaries, tubes and cervix.  Does this mean there is ‘womb to move’?

Duncan says that I look different too, my skin is a healthier colour – apparently the first time he saw me after the op he said I looked better than I had in ages.

Am keeping up with a light diet and am getting fairly sick of drinking the milpar morning and evening.  Duncan knows how much its making me gag , its not that it tastes of anything – it just coats your mouth and psychologically I feel its grim.  To make me feel better Duncan gave me the empty bottle tonight to say ‘look you’ve finished the small bottle…… the next breath was – but you’ve still got this one to go’ thanks honey – I’ll remember that !

Milpar is a mild laxative for those of you who are curious,  its liquid paraffin and I am no where near confident enough to stop taking this.  Lets just say its still very sensitive.

I have dissolvable stitches which have steri strips over the top (think they were called butterfly stitches in the ole days).  The steri strips need to stay in situ for as long as possible,  but I don’t have to have any removed.

In the last couple of days my wounds have been getting increasingly itchy.   I realised today that partly this is due to the pants I am wearing (sorry back to the pants subject again).  Have been wearing some bridget jones styley knickers  but they have a seam up the front middle of the pants.  The seam sits exactly where my big scar runs.  I know its obvious but it has suddenly dawned on me why its been so itchy.  So lesson learned – different big pants are now being worn.

If you have surgery my advice to you about visitors would be to keep them to a minimum in the early days.  We have been so fortunate that so many people have wanted to come and see us,  but I am so knackered that it really takes it out of me.  I have asked friends and family to contact us first before they descend.  So far we have managed to keep it to one a day.  Don’t forget to be realistic with what you can manage – I am ready to admit I had no idea how wiped out I would feel after this op.

Am definitely beginning to feel more alert and am able to move about more.  Today I walked a bit more outside and paced about the house when I needed to stretch.  However tonight I am sore and uncomfortable,  feels like my insides are being pulled and twisted as I sit here and write.  So possibly I have done a bit more than I should have – but am doing my best to be good.

Had some more flowers delivered today – its simply overwhelming how many cards and flowers I have been sent.  They are all beautiful and incredibly appreciated.

So before I sign off tonight I know you are desperate to know – my lovely MIL helped with my pants today !


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