Day eleven

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Day eleven

Had a great day today, it was my 34rd birthday.  Was a very low key day but lovely all the same.

Have started to lose the butterfly stitches which are on my wound, only a couple but its quite exciting that they are coming off.  Gave myself a bit of a fright last night.  Whilst sat on the loo I thought there was a bit of dry skin about an inch below the base of my scar I scratched it and it was actually the end of my stitches. By the time I realised it was hanging out about 2 inches long and I then panicked that I had pulled it tight and that it might snap (part of me wondered if I did pull it tight whether it would give me that tummy tuck I wanted).  You will be pleased to know that I didn’t cause any damage, but nor did it tighten anything either!

Had a shower today, its definitely getting easier to manoeuvre myself around. MIL was great at helping me with my underwear.  Decided that I would try on the abdominal support band that  I bought from the Hysterectomy Association today to see if it helps.  Part of the difficulty with the wound is as I walk around it moves so instinctively walk with my hand on my tummy.  Reading about the support band this helps your muscles gain strength and makes you feel more supported.  When I ordered the band I was unsure as to what size to order, the website stated to order a size smaller.  Which is fine but the size choices were 10-12 or 14-16.  There is no way on this earth I am a 10-12 so I ordered the 14-16.

MIL helped get me in to the band – which is not that easy when your tum is uncomfortable , after wrestling it in to place (think of all those bridget jones pants you have worn and you’ll get the idea) It didn’t feel supportive at all,  and it kept rolling up on itself.  MIL and I realised that this is actually because the 14-16 is TOO BIG – what a result!  Have ordered a smaller one today which should be here shortly,  have also ordered some Sloggi control pants – am certainly not taking any chances!

I forgot to share the technique for coughing and sneezing.  If you need to cough or sneeze,  you are recommended to pull in your pelvic floor before you do so.  Also to have something with you at all times either a towel or a pillow that you can hold tight to your stomach if you need to cough – it helps , not sure how but it does help.  I have been using my old faithful teddy bear Charlie. Coughing and sneezing are things to be avoided but when you need to go you need to go – it will hurt and this technique helps.  I sneezed in the middle of the night a few nights ago and it woke me up – the pain that followed kept me awake for some time.

By the end of the day I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with some strange achey feelings,  also for the first time in 5 days am experiencing discharge with a bit of blood.  Will see how it is in the morning.  Its quite normal to lose some blood for up to 6 weeks after this kind of op.


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