Day thirteen

Posted on: March 14, 2011

Day thirteen

Went to see my GP today, am very lucky that he believes me when I say I am not feeling well.  Am feeling really quite run down, a bit sicky and knackered.  He was absolutely lovely , sent my sample off for testing and gave me some anti biotics.  Also made me cry – well more of a sob.  Duncan came in with me as I wanted to talk about this damned HRT decision.  Duncan is great at listening and remembering what I miss, or just being able to repeat it in a fashion I can understand it in (this technique comes from years of medical appointments together). My GP was so supportive and talked about why I needed to take the HRT,  then I started blubbing – I just am finding this decision so bloody hard.  I don’t want to take more drugs,  I don’t want to take any chances that the Endo may come back.  My GP talked about how major the op was (which freaked me out,  why I just don’t know) and I promptly started sobbing.  He was very reassuring that this was normal and that I now needed to give myself time to adjust to what we had been through and where I am at now.

So I decided I can’t think about it anymore,  when I got home I took my first HRT tablet.  My GP reassured me that I can stop taking at any time in the future and if (thats a IF – just making sure my endo is listening!) it makes the endo re grow then I just stop taking it.

When I got home some of the books I have ordered from Amazon on HRT and managing the menopause naturally had arrived , am gonna make it my mission to read and understand these books so I can then decide what direction to take in the future.

My wound is looking great,  I lost 2 of the butterfly stitches today,  the skin underneath is red and sore where the stitches have been in place for so long.

Think I am still in shock about the fact that my op was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. It was such a focus of my life for so long it feels so strange not to have it in my future.  Don’t get me wrong it’s absolutely fantastic to be this side of it but I almost feel detached from life maybe it’s because I am stuck in the house all day, it’s certainly alien for me being so immobile.


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