Day fourteen

Posted on: March 15, 2011

Day fourteen

Am starting to wonder whether I rattle when I walk,  this morning took 2 paracetamol, 1 diclofenic, 1 anti biotic, 1 Livial + milpar.  Honestly am a walking pill machine!

Have started taking an aloe vera supplement to try and help balance my system.

The pain is a bit easier today, am able to get in and out of bed without help now which is fantastic not only for me but for Duncan too.  Also have noticed that I am moving alot easier,  still not walking straight but am definitely more mobile.

Am sleeping lots throughout the day,  have upped my fruit intake – including some prunes (kindly given to me by a family member to help ‘move things along’). I seem to eat, sleep then eat sleep! But I know that sleeping helps the body’s recovery so there is no point fighting it.

Lost some more stitches today its a great feeling to be nearly stitchless.  Also the stitch from where my drain was has also come out today.  Seems to be healing nicely. Duncan has bought me some bio oil today for me to apply to the scar – from reading up this will help reduce the scaring. The scar feels really peculiar,  its almost cold to the touch , when it starts itching – OMG that is awful and so sensitive , I try and relieve the itch by rubbing my hands over the wound in a circular direction – but sometimes that doesn’t work and I just have to ignore it till it passes.  I did itch too hard and I really knew about it for some time.

Am getting some bizarre feelings inside where I am starting to heal,  at times it feels very tight and pulls when I stand,  this makes walking for any distance hard.  Also get these odd twinges, feels a bit like am being poked from the inside by a needle.

Am thinking that my body has definitely woken up to the fact that my ovaries are missing or gone AWOL,  my hot flushes have stepped up a gear,  for the first time tonight (with the exception of hot flushes that have been alcohol induced, whilst on Zoladex) sweat was beading down my forehead and back of my neck (bet you are so pleased I shared that!). They came regularly throughout the evening and all through the night, disturbing my sleep – grrrrh!.


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