Day Fifteen

Posted on: March 16, 2011

Day fifteen

Have to write about a funny incident that happened this morning.  One of our cats (we have 3 and another 1 that has adopted us).  Pepsi the youngest sat chatting to me through the bathroom door – was the noise that she makes when she has brought in something.  As I spoke to her she moved slightly and this beautiful little field mouse was sitting under her body, still in one piece but clearly terrified. Not as terrified as my MIL who simply can’t stand anything small and wriggly!. This presented me with a problem,  I had to ask her for a mug whilst asking her to keep calm, any noise would have made it bolt,  knew I only had one go at catching the cutie but bending over is nigh on impossible and kneeling was something I hadn’t done yet I was in a quandary,  managed to drop the mug on top of the mouse – confusing  poor ole Pepsi who was most put out that I didn’t want her gift.  Then had to phone my helpful neighbour and ask him to come and take the mouse outside.  It was a right ole palaver.  When Ron offered to do anything to help whilst I am recuperating I don’t think he ever imagined I would need a mouse removing from my house!. When MIL had calmed down,  she made us all a nice cuppa tea to get over the shock.

Have started a new set of exercises today.  Am now able to lay flat for a short period of time (still uncomfortable but it is bearable).  Can definitely feel the difference from doing so many pelvic floor exercises so am sure that my new ones will also help.  Could feel the difference in my muscles after doing them for the first time.

Moving is getting easier day by day – when I think back to how uncomfortable it was in the early days am chuffed with how I am improving, my lovely MIL is never far behind me reminding me that I still have 2 weeks left of not lifting or twisting, nothing escapes her attention – but I am grateful to her for keeping an eye on me, it would be dreadful if I did damage now. I know that even though my scar is healing on the outside, internally it will take longer.

The remaining butterfly stitches have come off my stomach now,  I have funny red lines where the stitches were in place as well as really strange red lumps where each end of the stitch was,  not sure whether this is because of tension ? Feels very liberating to have them off, but the area also now feels very vulnerable have noticed I am holding it more than I was when walking.

Tis progress – may only be small but it feels great.

Oh and the postie brought my new abdominal support band arrived today so will be wearing it tomorrow – what an exciting experience that will be !


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