Day sixteen

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Day sixteen

Had a very busy day today,  MIL is still helping me shower or wash as am still finding it difficult to bend,  she assisted with my pants again today!.  The real treat for her was helping me put on my abdominal support band, the good news is that its not as difficult to put on as ‘fat pants’ you know the kind you struggle in to only to find that your fat has been squeezed to the bottom or top of the garment giving you a muffin top, or even worse a sausage that has split its skin?  The bad news is that you do need 4 hands to put it on (well in my experience)  because its supportive and tight whilst putting it in position I needed MIL to hold it away from my stomach as the pressure was so uncomfortable.  I managed to wear it until tea time when it became uncomfortable but it has definitely made a positive difference, my tummy doesn’t feel quite as vulnerable or wobbly when I walk.  Sadly thought it doesn’t come with any guidance to recommend how long you should wear it for or for how many weeks.  So will just play it by ear – I don’t think I could have worn it any earlier than today due to how sensitive that area is,  but I wish I had known about them when I had my laparoscopies as I think it would have helped with the discomfort then.  Am still wearing either pj’s , maxi dresses or my yoga pants with a long top.  Have bought today from ebay some maternity jeans (I know the irony isn’t lost on me) as I am not the kind of girl that enjoys going out and about in tracksuit bottoms,  and leggings have a seam that will be uncomfortable on my scar,  so I thought I would give the maternity jeans a try – for £1.70 it seemed worth it.

Today has been the most social day since the op,  the highlight of the day has to be my neighbour taking me out to Aldi and then to Tescos.  OMG that was a complete riot.  MIL and I were ever so grateful to her for offering to take us as our car (sods law) has broken down so Duncan is relying on the motorbike until the new parts arrive.  My lovely neighbour is very enthusiastic when trying to help – we would have been stuck without her,  but what with her enthusiasm and both MIL and her not allowing me to do anything I was fighting a losing battle.  Nearly split my stitches watching the pair of them negotiating putting the wheelchair in Lyn’s car – was hilarious, even funnier when she realised that a, if we’d taken her husbands car it would have gone in the boot and b, Tescos have chairs you can borrow!.

I was chuffed to be able to walk around Aldi,  but I did use the trolley to support me – protecting my stomach more than anything.   Seemed really nice to be out doing normal things and being able to shop. Lyn pushed me round whilst MIL pushed the trolley,  was so funny and very interesting to see life from the perspective of someone in a wheelchair – although I appreciate it was only for an hour!

Lyn was quite speedy around Tesco’s and at one point I got quite travel sick. Felt a bit like Andy in Little Britain at one point , we were all looking at the bargain clothing rail and I got out of the chair to hold a maxi dress up, I resisted the temptation to do a few cartwheels, did them in my head instead. I did say ‘I want that one’ a few times but I discovered my humour was lost on them as neither MIL nor Lyn are fans of the show.

I did purchase a pair of ballet pumps as its quite hard to get my boots on and off – didn’t think about that before the op. And a maxi dress that was marked for £8 and it was £2 what a bargain!

The poor lady at the checkout found the three of us hilarious,  she couldn’t contain her hysterics when she saw how much I was ‘under the thumb’ of these two ladies.  She mouthed to me ‘good luck’ when I paid which was a lovely sentiment,  I took a deep breath and we were on our merry way.

MIL is starting to complain that her hands are care worn – she has a dish washer at home and we don’t.  Ooops maybe I need to get her some nice moisturiser as a thank you.


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