Day thirty one

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Day thirty one

Apart from my nightly hot flushes and inability to keep myself at a constant temperature which is affecting my sleep patturn,  I actually had a reasonable nights sleep last night.  Am attributing that to the reflexology that I had yesterday afternoon. Everything is moving very swiftly too which is making my daily trip to the bathroom much more pleasant!

Now I have passed the 4 week ‘don’t do anything’ am starting to do a bit more each day.  Have had some pleasant surprises as well as some resounding pain which equates to ‘its too soon to try that’.  For example lifting my arm above shoulder height I can do with a bit of discomfort but nothing too major, but stretching above head height is a total NO NO!  I have learnt this at a cost.  Its not so much that it hurts when I do it ,  its the pain I get afterwards.

Guess the most eventful thing to write about today is going to have my legs waxed. I am no stranger to waxing having had more intimate parts of my body waxed for a few years which I found much more hygienic but have never had my legs waxed.  Considering its been 4 ½ weeks since I shaved my legs they are like a forest.  So Duncan came with me as I knew I would need to lay flat and possibly lay on my stomach, whilst I can lay flat I need help to get up and there is no why I could lay on my stomach! So like the lovely husband he is he took me and offered to hold my legs up if needed!  Thankfully Charleen was really great about it and she managed to wax me without me needing to move other than hold my legs in different positions.  Also got my eyebrows and top lip done!  My moustache is something most men would be proud of  and there is no way that I am not having this removed !  This is one of the down sides of early menopause and all the drugs I have been on – excess hair – oh the joys!

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