Day thirty

Posted on: March 31, 2011

Day thirty

It gets tiring to admit you are still in pain,  but today a good friend of mine came over for a cuppa and we were discussing the discomfort I am still experiencing as well as the turbulent time I have in the bathroom – the prunes are a definite help, but it is a bit like waiting for paint to dry.  Its also so hard not being able to ‘push’ when in the loo,  this is something that is so natural to do , and it feels alien to be going in a different way.  However back to the story in hand,  my friend suggested that she give me some reflexology to ease my bowel movements.  So off I toddled to her how (which is only a few doors away from me) and had a lovely treatment.  Of course through my feet she could tell that my moods had been up and down and how out of it I am currently feeling.  I am now gonna call her magical fingers because I literally walked home, came in the house went to the bath room and hey presto ……. things were moving very nicely.  Also I was able to fart ….. there is no easy way of putting this I farted loads and each one was such a relief.  I now feel that some of the pain is connected to trapped wind,  because there has been a definite shift in the pain,  its more localised rather than higher up my abdomen.

I know I have written before about a knot type feeling at the base of my left rib,  that hasn’t changed but I honestly feel much better.


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