Day thirty three

Posted on: April 2, 2011

Day thirty three

Today we had been invited to a BBQ for the retirement do of one of Duncans former Boss’s.  Was a fair ole car ride to get to the venue,  but was really enjoyable. Duncans old colleagues knew what we had been through and that I was recovering from surgery and it made the whole experience much easier.  I sat for most of the time but those who knew me took the time to come and speak to me.   I am finding it a bit overwhelming talking about the whole experience and how I am to people so kept it very brief.  This was made easier by the fact that I don’t really know any of them and they didn’t intrude by asking too many questions.

It was actually a pleasant reintroduction in to sociallising.

I have noticed today that I am getting this weird feeling inside, I think its my internal stitches dissolving and releasing – quite bizarre , its almost like I can feel them give way and then things don’t feel as ‘tight’ as they have – but then it could be in my head of course…..


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