Day Forty

Posted on: April 9, 2011

Day forty

Really suffering today from trying on all those clothes!  It was worth it though, when I got up I sorted out some clothes that are too big for me ready for eBay.  Today is also the first day of Duncans week off,  the sun has been shining so he got some chairs out in the garden and I chilled.  Had some sewing to do (MIL gave me some little projects) also had some alterations to make on some of my maxi dresses.  Am feeling a bit brighter today after yesterdays melt down.

We have 2 types of garden chair – deck and recliner.

Up till now I have stayed away from the recliner , knowing that I would find it difficult to sit in the chair.  But as Duncan was around I thought I would give it a go.  Sat there quite happily for some time and started getting sleepy so I thought I would make the chair recline in to a more suitable position for snoozing.  This was a great plan until I wanted to get up!  Although I had considered getting out of the chair from sitting I had not thought about the fact that with a recliner you need to use your body weight to pull yourself up again,  and obviously you rely on your stomach muscles to do this.  Thank god Duncan was at home,  picture the scene with me and my legs flayling about like a mad woman – of course Duncan was inside so I had to shout for his attention, all in all it was hilarious!  Needless to say I think I will stick with a deck chair for a few more days.

As wonderful as Duncan is he has today found it a bit hard realising that how much he has to do. We are both incredibly independent of each other which always works for us both perfectly but at the moment I have no independence,  so we needed to talk through what I need to do and what I would like to get done,  all of you ladies will understand that the two things are entirely different!  Compromise is the key here.

After vegging in the garden for most of the afternoon, one of us needed to brave tescos and as I can’t drive or carry bags you guessed who had to go! I was not feeling up to going but there were a few things I wanted to get so I decided that I would go with Duncan.  I have learnt a big lesson here – if you are tired and not feeling up to it then DON’T DO IT, listen to your body. We made it to the veg aisle before I nearly fainted , whoopsie! A bottle of water and a sit down later I felt a bit better,  but Duncan got all protective and instructed me that I have been doing too much for the past couple of days so Sunday I was to do nothing!


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