Day forty one

Posted on: April 10, 2011

 Day forty one

What another beautiful day,  and today for the first time in ages I feel happy and alive,  I wore a beautiful summer dress and sat with D out in the garden.

It was actually nice just to feel normal and do something normal for the day. I picked up some embroidery that my MIL gave me and did some out in the fresh air.  Topping up my vitamin D intake is much needed.

My stomach finally appears to me to be shrinking,  although by the end of the day I look 7 months pregnant again.  I decided I would google this and see if any other sites offered any inspiration around how long this swelling would take to go down and/or what I could do to help it.

Basically from what I can understand is that when any area is cut on the body for surgery automatically that muscle loses all tone.  After the surgery the muscles need to reattach and heal around the scar, as well as repair the muscle tone.  It would seem that fluid retention around this area as the day goes on is perfectly normal.  Its because of the trauma the body has experienced during surgery and the fluid is a natural mechanism for the body when repairing and protecting the wound.  This can occur for months after the surgery.

The hystersisters website discussed that afternoon belly swelling long after you have regained enough muscle strength to sit up without pushing up using your hands’ is normal.  Adding that with time it will get better.  Women who have experienced a horizontal (mine was vertical) or a vertical incision may find that they need to stay in loose dresses and elasticated trousers for months after surgery. Avoid tight fitting jeans / trousers as the swelling will only be higher up and more uncomfortable.

Doing this research has actually been incredibly useful for me – as you know I have been wearing an abdominal support band since around day 12 till now and on the hystersisters website it discusses that this can discourage your muscles from working and increase the weakness there.

I have found though that my support band has heled me to walk about more and be more mobile,  but I also recognise that I need to lessen my dependence on it.  Therefore from tomorrow I am only going to wear it if I am going out of the house for a long period of time.  I need to get some muscle control back.  Besides I have got my sloggi control pants to rely on!!

I need to start making a plan to regain control of my muscles and my body so I can get back to normal life !


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