Day forty three

Posted on: April 12, 2011

Day forty three

I am so tired today,  I am paying for being a bit more active ,  feel like I have been run over by a bus.  Also am still so uncomfortable with this lower rib pain , and am starting to get a bit concerned about how it will feel when I go for a pee.

Duncan took me out for lunch today as he is off work this week – was good to get out in the car and have some different scenery for a few hours.

Got home and literally went straight to bed.

I just wish I could sleep properly at night,  I am so hot at night,  it would be easier if I sweated I am sure  – I don’t sweat I just am so hot and my skin burns up.  Anything that touches my skin has to be removed as it feels awful!

I am ensuring that I take my HRT ,  but I am now taking it at night, last thing before I go to bed to see if this makes a difference – I read an interview with Fern Britten and she said she took it late at night… honestly am happy to give anything ago at this stage.

Also because of how uncomfortable my bladder is I am up and down like a jack in a box to the loo all night,  I can’t tell easily whether I need to pee of if its just how my bladder feels.


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