Day fifty four

Posted on: April 25, 2011

Day fifty four

My parents went home today, we had a lovely time with them, but their departure signifies a new stage in our pathway to our new life. For seven weeks we have had a steady stream of visitors, and now we are at the end. Honestly I am ready to be on my own now, from Tuesday I will be ‘home alone’ , and not in between visits.

It has been wonderful to have so many people care and want to see us but I need some time now, whilst company is great, in many ways it delays the mental healing..

Another milestone today was me going swimming for the first time. Wow how good did it feel.

The pool we use has a disabled changing room and I asked if D was allowed to go in with me after our swim, I was more concerned about taking my costume off then putting it on. As we got in the pool I suddenly got really quite nervous. But feeling the water around me was also invigorating (or maybe that was because it was bloody freezing?)

D (who is a brilliant swimmer and taught me to swim properly) got me to drop down so my shoulders were below the water, he then took my hands and told me to let my body go flat. This was easier said than done. Using muscles that had been dormant for 7 weeks was uncomfortable as well as a fear that I was gonna do something to cause injury! Anyhow after a few attempts I was able to straighten, D pulled me along by my hands whilst I used my legs to ‘swim’ giving me time to get used to the sensation on my tummy. I did manage to swim a length doesn’t sound much but I was so thrilled. When I got to the deep end, I was knackered but buzzing. Swimming back was too much, I managed to swim a bit more but D ended up towing me (that’s love for you) by this stage my stomach was starting to hurt more and I remember that I have been told on many occasions ‘if it hurts don’t do it’.

I have huge admiration for people who fight back to full health following illness, surgery and accidents. When I hear of peoples inspirational battles I will look on it with renewed insight I now have a little comprehension of what it takes to get back to full health and I feel grateful to be nearing the end of my physical recovery. This experience has changed me in so many ways. Writing this blog ensures that I don’t forget how far I have come or the lessons I have learned.

On leaving the pool I had to wait for around 20 minutes to use the disabled changing room, this is where I get angry. I was happy to wait as there is only one room and surely the person using this room had a need? Wrong! I was so incensed the lady using the room was very able bodied, when she exited the changing room she looked embarrassed as she realised I was waiting – I feel bad enough using the disabled room as I am not disabled, but I have a temporary need. Shame on those people who use these facilities and stop people who need them from having access……. rant over!

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