Day fifty

Posted on: April 25, 2011

Day Fifty

Well today is the start of my new ‘endo free life’, sleep was fitful as it is every night now.

The back support Duncan made me is still in place as at times I still use it to sleep, but I find I work my way down it throughout the night till I eventually sleep flat. The V shaped pillow that we bought before my op has been a godsend and I use this at night as well as to sit with on the sofa. Another issue I have at night when I am asleep is rolling over, this still catches me out and last night I woke myself in pain. Whoops! I would like to say I will learn from this but I won’t…..

Duncan went to work today whilst I had a crisis with one of our cats, he had a severe lesion to his back leg and I needed to get him to the vets. One of our kind neighbours gave me a lift and helped me negotiate the cat basket in and out of the vet surgery. Of course Muttley in a basket was too heavy for me to carry, as well as the doors in and out of their building. Only when you are restricted due to injury do you really start to appreciate how inaccessible these places are. Thankfully Muttley just needed some antibiotics and to stay indoors for a few days…. could have been alot worse!

I forgot to write in an earlier blog of mine the time I got stuck in the toilet. It was ‘day 33’ we went to a ex colleagues BBQ, and I toddled off to the toilet, someone was going in as I did , I did what I had to do (the other person left before me) I washed and dried my hands, went to try the door and it weighed a ton. I didn’t have the strength to open it and I knew if I yanked it that I would really suffer….. so there I sat for ages waiting for someone to come to use the bathroom or looking for me! It was quite hilarious.

My parents are coming to stay with us for a few days. Am looking forward to seeing them now I am in better health. Haven’t really thought about what happened yesterday. Am just letting it settle in.


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