Day fifty five

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Certainly could feel the swimming I did yesterday.  Was pleased that today we had a very quiet easter sunday.

I haven’t mentioned in my blog about how my hot flushes have been recently! well I can at least say they are an experience in this weather. Before I get a hot flush I have noticed that the rash on my upper arms becomes more prominent and I get this urge to have all my hair cut off as it starts driving me nuts.

When we were out wandering yesterday I also noticed another sign, just before one hits I suddenly feel really nauseous and dizzy, the only thing that helps is a drink of water and a sit down. Some of this is probably tiredness where I am still building myself up but it completely floored me yesterday and this isn’t the first time.

Last year I bought some ‘magicool’ which is a aerosol can with cool water inside,  it was a fantastic little tool that helped me on those blazing hot days.  My hot flushes now are more intense and last longer than the ones I got whilst on Zoladex.

You know you are old beyond your years when you start talking to your friends mothers about their menopausal experiences.  Also so many older friends seem to be experiencing menopausal symptoms now – maybe its like when women live together and their cycles fall in to a pattern.   I better apologise to all females who know me now …. the menopause isn’t contagious honestly.

I caught myself in the pharmacy last week whilst waiting for a prescription looking at treatment for ‘vaginal dryness’ I actually thought ‘oooh thats a good idea’  …… I am so embarrassed to even have this thought patturn, then as I looked along the shelf to the left were Tena Ladies ……. Oh my days ,  how lucky am I that this whole world is opening up in front of me.  Who knew a year ago that  I would get excited about treatment for vaginal dryness and adult nappies.

As much as I joke about the physical affects of the menopause, mentally  I am trying to adjust to it,  my body no longer feels familiar to me , it reacts in an almost alien like way to the most simplest of things. Am sure in time this will begin to settle and I will adjust.

Am gonna sign off now and have  a lump of that easter egg that is calling me


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