Day fifty six

Posted on: April 26, 2011

Day fifty six

Went for another swim this morning and pushed myself to go that bit farther, actually managed just over 4 lengths,  it feels so good to be doing some form of exercise.

On our way home we called in to town and had a little mooch , just bimbled about and it was lovely to be out in the sun enjoying time with Duncan,  in many ways it felt like the most normal thing to do on a bank holiday monday.

I can really feel the pain in my lower left rib , the one that has been giving a lot of discomfort.  It feels since swimming today like I have a stitch in my side.  Oooh actually talking of stitches I lost some more internal ones today.  Surely I must have nearly lost them all by now?  I wonder how many they put in?

spent some more time out in the garden this afternoon,  Duncan has been working really hard to create a little graveled area for me with some planters so I can put some vegetables in the garden without digging or bending.

In some ways I could quite get used to watching him work,  he makes a much better job of the gardening than I do!


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