Day sixty two

Posted on: May 3, 2011

Day sixty two

I forgot to write about my monumental decision this week re HRT.
You may remember in my early days post op I didnt know what to do about whether to take HRT or not to take HRT. Before last Monday I was feeling generally pretty ropey. I had really intense achey legs at night and the rash at night coupled with hot flushes was just not pleasant.

Without realising it I went for 2 days without taking my HRT,  then I thought well I would see how I went without it for a couple more days.  I soon noticed a difference with my legs at night,  the hot flushes were no more without it and the rash appeared to be lessening.

On Saturday Duncan and I trundled along to our local natural food shop and I spoke to the lady who owns the shop.  She was a real golden find.  Having had her ovaries removed at 29 (now in her 50’s) she looks absolutley fabulous. Her advice was very supportive and empowering – having never taken HRT and not had any adverse affects it filled me with alot of hope.

I came away financially alot lighter and with a few supplements to try.

Firstly I was advised to take Black Cohosh with sage – this is renowned for helping hot flushes, secondly a multi nutritional supplement that has all of the vitamins and minerals listed within The Natural Alternatives to HRT book I have been reading.  Am thrilled that these are all in one capsule !

We discussed the discomfort I am still in with my bowel and bladder and for this I was recommended Hypericum – 2 taken every 2 hours (not managed this regularly yet)

So as I write this I have been taking the supplements for 4 days (including today) and maybe its psychological but I can notice a difference.  The rash on my arm has almost vanished, bar a bit of ‘scaring’ , its been cooler at night so its difficult to gauge the hot flushes but I was getting them regularly through the evening and although they are still happening they seem less intense.

I was advised to give it a few months before I decide whether it is or is not helping . I did discuss with her my fears around not taking the HRT and what this may do to my bone density and was advised that if my bone density is affected I will be given calcium supplements which are no good without magnesium – both of which are present within the multi nutritional supplement I am taking.

Am feeling less alone about my decision to go cold turkey without the HRT,  was great to speak to someone who has also followed this route.  She also reiterated that soya milk was good,  and also sage tea should help with the hot flushes.  Also that I should eat olive oil and lots of linseed oil (both of which are synable on slimming world!) but oily fish would also be a good thing within my diet as well as veg and fruit.

I will keep you updated on how this goes – but early indications are very positive


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