Day sixty four – sixty eight

Posted on: May 8, 2011

Day sixty four- sixty eight

Thought I should update you on how I am feeling physically.

Its mainly great news.  I still have localised pain namely from my bowel & bladder when there is any ‘action’  and if you remember I have been getting pain around my left lower rib.  But the pain from around my wound is pretty good.

I notice it if I lift anything that I shouldnt (which of course I don’t!!!) turning at night is a problem if I am rolling on to my left,  but a few nights ago I caught myself rolling on to my tummy !  There is no way  I would have done that a few weeks ago.

With regards to bathing (if you remember we don’t have a shower)  I can now get in and out of the bath with ease,  but to lean back to relax or to bend over to wash my hair is still uncomfortable.  So Duncan has been helping me to rinse my hair – am sure he is only happy to do this as its as close as he’s getting to me at the mo!!! LOL

Am also incredibly tired still,  I do have more energy than a few weeks ago,  but what I have noticed is that if we go for a walk or we are in the company of others,  I hit a ‘wall’ with tiredness and I am unable to overcome it without sleeping.

Many of you ladies will have read that you might erm…….. this is a tad embarrassing ,  er……… you know be a bit on the dry side once you have your ovaries out…………

Well yes I can confirm that this is infact the case ….. I am now as dry as a pack of dried fruit.  Infact the other day I was in the pharmacy and caught myself looking at a shelf of various bits and pieces ….. I actually thought to myself ‘oooh thats interesting I didn’t know you could buy that’  This simple thought in itself is not unusual.  What freaked me out was that it was a cream for ‘Vaginal Dryness’  and that I was actually getting excited about it – what the hell has happened to me?

Although I am rather erm ……. dry.  I am experiencing at times discharge.  You might think its odd that I am even remarking on the fact that I get discharge,  but for so long I bled so much for so many days I didnt know what was normal and what wasn’t.  Again my consultant the other week confirmed that it was perfectly healthy and nothing to worry about.

I have found thanks to a fellow Endosister (thanks Jacqui)  a great website  Its an american site but has a complete deluge of information. There is also an area for you to chat with other ladies in your situation.

It was nice to know that I am not as bonking mad as  I was starting to think I was and that many of the emotions and physical feelings I have been experiencing are infact normal. For example about 3 weeks after the op I went through a stage of 2 or 3 days of being incredibly randy (sorry I know I didnt share it then but somethings you need to keep to yourself ….. until now that is)  and without going in to too much detail was able to enjoy climax by stimulation  (I decided the pain was worth it on this occasion).  I sobbed and sobbed afterwards because I was so relieved that I still worked and that I could still feel.  According to Hystersisters, this is actually a normal stage to go through. Its almost like your body is running a checklist of each part of your body to make sure its still working.

Very excitingly though this week Duncan and I have been planning a holiday, a  complete break away just the two of us.  Duncan made a very telling remark.  He innocently said ,  this will be the first time we have ever booked to stay somewhere together in the 10 years we have bee married without having to sit with a calendar and work out where you would be with your cycle.  How brilliant to think that now I can go where ever I want without having to take double the amount of clothes , underwear or the portaloo!


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