Day seventy four

Posted on: May 10, 2011

Day seventy four

Well another new week has begun,  I have a couple of pressing uni essays to get written – failure to complete will mean failure to graduate this year and I need to graduate.  It is a personal milestone I am keen to achieve.

Am still absolutely shattered, feel as if I could sleep on a washing line.  Am guessing that it is connected to the lack of good sleep at night and that if I roll on to my left side I wince with pain as I am still getting trouble with this damned left side near my ribs!

Hot flush wise they are at a level where I can now resist stripping off when I get one, which is always a good idea, not everyone wants to see my sunday best!  Although when I am outside in the heat (how lucky are we with this weather at the moment)  and I get one they are pretty unbearable.

Got a lift to the swimming pool this afternoon and did 6 lengths,  I really need to build this up but its difficult when I can’t get there under my own steam! I am taking it steady when swimming, but its hard to know how much is too much – they say if it hurts then stop,  but it was sore after only 1 length,  I figured I would just take it slowly and alternated with a length on my back to a length on my front.

Progress has been achieved though as I was able to take my own costume off today – last time Duncan came and helped me.  I did wonder when I was in the pool whether I would be able to do it and then thought it is probably beyond the remit of  a lifeguard to help me out of my cozzy – maybe I would have fained it if there had been a cute enough one on duty!

I need to make a effort with building my stamina not only to return to normal life but I have today booked my place in the Adidas 5k run,  am walking or running for Endometriosis UK and also organising a Tea Party after the race so that us Endosisters can meet at last.

After swimming felt the pulling pain that I have experienced before ,  also my scar has been extremely itchy since swimming – maybe its the chlorine,  will slap a load of bio oil on it tonight before I go to bed.


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