Day seventy six – Health update

Posted on: May 16, 2011

Day seventy six

Today I have visited my GP to discuss my return to work.

We had a good discussion and I have agreed that I am not ready to return to work just yet.

Had a bit of a shock though, you will know that throughout my recovery I have discussed various pains that I have been experiencing.  It looks like my rib pain is muscle bruising from the op where they opened me up.  But the other pains I have described from ‘down there’ and other pains (such as hip and back pain) could very well be the endometriosis.  Was a bit stunned.  My Drs words were ‘its highly likely the pain you are experiencing is endometriosis’. Dr was really considerate the way he told me,  he did explain that adhesion pain and scar tissue pain is very similar and so hard to diagnose. I kinda didn’t expect that (Stupid really) but on the whole am so much better than I can ever remember feeling, as long as the pain doesn’t get worse with time I should be able to manage it. Poor Duncan is really disappointed – this news today has affected him more than me.

At the moment its not something we have to worry about or focus on,  the discomfort I am getting is bearable and I hope with time will decrease. I think its such early days my body just needs time to settle – I don’t want to take any more drugs for the moment and am not taking HRT either I said I would go back and see him in a month to discuss how it is going. Its only now I’m sat here thinking ‘Oh endo pain …. bummer!’ but I am focusing on how much better I feel in the main rather than the negative of what he said means.

The upside is I can’t have a hysterectomy again and if I was given the choice I would still go through what I have to get to this point.

I have a real hunger to experience life that I have missed. Before my op I wrote a pro and con list, the main reason for me having the op was to be as drug free, pain free… and PERIOD free as possible. For everything I have lost and been robbed off I will continue to grieve , but for every positive I will celebrate.

Sex …… yes you read right ….. we discussed sex, and whilst I am not going in to too much detail (NO!) we talked about my dryness issue and how sensitive that area still feels,  I can’t believe the Dr just came out and said ‘well its down to under use!!!!’ excuse me! I cant remember what he likened it to exactly but it was something to do with a garden that needs weeding to look tended to – what! I joked that I hadnt been waxed recently so I was like that garden. But we were told that when we do start being intimate again that we must take it slowly and gently,  partly because of how sensitive it might feel and also partly as he doesn’t want me to have sex that is so painful it puts me off for the future.

We also discussed that I had been advised not to lift anything heavier than a kettle for 6 months,  he felt that I should be able to start increasing what I carry gradually,  making sure that if it hurts I stop what I am carrying.

Also with regards to exercise, he has cleared me to start exercising gradually and again reiterated if it hurts I have to stop.

So a milestone has been reached which is great news indeed.

It would seem that possibly endo didn’t read the contract before my op and it may not be keeping its side of the bargain, but I refuse to give up and let it win.  This is my life I will not become endo I refuse point blank

nite nite

endosisterLiz x


2 Responses to "Day seventy six – Health update"

Oh hunny bunny, words cannot describe how I am feeling reading that your endo may have returned. I know we’ve already had the conversation but reading it makes it seem even more real.
I can totally understand Duncan’s reaction, Matt is very much the same with his attitude, I seem to hear the same words over and over again…”oh for god’s sake!”, or “could anything else go wrong?”.
But I have great faith in you and if anyone can deal with it, you can!

Funnily enough, I had a bout on constipation the other day too…Endo never gave me constipation, always diarrhoea so was a new experience for me!! Especially as like you I’m not allowed to strain (because of the prolapse), it was very amusing me sitting on the loo, jiggling my legs around trying to “shake it out!” lol

You seem to be making great progress physically which is great news, but remember it’s still very early days so no more show hunting!!

Love you lots with Jelly Tot’s,
Jacqui xxxxxxxxx

Jac have a great image of you in the bathroom now – LOL, this certainly gives you a warped sense of humour!

Its so easy to forget that its still early days

thanks for your support, u r the best – although I prefer Tutti Fruitis


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