Day seventy six

Posted on: May 16, 2011

Day seventy six

Am well confused with my day numbering, just counted it up on the calendar – havent written a blog for 5 days and 5 days ago my blog was day seventy five but according to my counting tonight I am on day seventy six – I can’t work that one out so am just going with it!

So let me give you a run down of what has happened in the last 5 days.

I have been trying to write one of three essays due for my degree – they are the last pieces of work needed so I can graduate in November.

Pain wise I am still suffering with the lower rib pain,  but am also getting cramping in my lower lips – you know …. ‘down there’ …….Have had a bit of a weekend with constipation too, which is the first time in weeks that I have experienced this – am wondering whether its because I havent had any prunes for a few days – have had extra today to make up for it!.  You may remember that I was told for 12 weeks to not strain when going to the bathroom and to have my legs raised off the ground.  I honestly wonder how I will get used to having my feet on the ground when I go to the loo now,  its actually incredibly comfortable.

Duncan went away for the weekend so I was home alone, which was actually fine, I enjoyed having some peace and quiet and was good for him to have some time away.

I did do something rather stupid last Thursday…… many of you will understand this……… I wanted a pair of shoes under the bed ….. in a suitcase under the bed ……. you needed to lift the bed frame to get them out from under the bed  (dont panic I didnt lift the bed up) but I did manage to get the suitcase to such an angle that I could unzip it enough to take one shoe out at a time – typically the shoes I wanted were the last in the suitcase (and they were broken when I got them out) but I managed it.  Sadly I had to shove the matress to one side and boy did I suffer for it later !

I did manage to sit up in bed a couple of days ago without rolling on to my side to sit up,  it shocked me – I did it without thinking about it and was so chuffed at how much easier it felt.

Movement wise there has been a marked improvement the last 6 days,  Duncan has remarked that I am moving alot freer and am walking faster. If I need to get stuff from the floor I bend with my back straight and try not to twist as its uncomfortable but its great to be more mobile.

Great news indeed!



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