Week twelve – a new woman!!!

Posted on: May 30, 2011

Week twelve – a new woman …..

Morning all,  I was reflecting on yesterday’s blog and felt the urge to write again.  By week 12 all of the literature, gynecologist’s , GP’s etc will tell you that should be starting to feel like ‘a new woman’.  There is part of me that agrees with this – I can hand on heart say I feel better in some ways than I ever remember but I am still shattered,  it doesn’t take much and I am on my knees wanting sleep.  When I get to sleep I then wake because I am hot …. and so the cycle continues.

I understand that exhaustion and adhesion pain can last for at least a year – in some cases up to two years,  so I am under no illusions, and am grateful for the energy that I do have.

The ‘new woman’ I am is alien to me,  I understand I am experiencing a surgical menopause but no one warned me about the physical toil this takes on you.  I have new aches and pains – even my teeth ache at night!, my skin is so dry that I am slapping moisturiser on my hands 3 or 4 times a day and my hands look like they belong to someone in their 90’s.  Hair is cropping up in places that quite frankly should be illegal – this is before we discuss the daily hot flushes, palpitations and general lethargy!.

Why women aren’t taught what the menopause will do to your body , I really don’t know – I can see that its different for every woman,  but some prep would have been really well received.  In my naivety I assumed that the movement from a chemical menopause (I was on Zoladex 10.8mg for 15 months before surgery) to a surgical menopause would be a smooth transition and that I would not notice the difference …. what a fool I am!

The other difficulty is brain paralysis –  we have all had those hormonal mood swings, or random happenings when we put something like the car keys in the freezer (or is that just me) , but now my brain just freezes , for example the other day we were in that big mutli national supermarket with the blue letters, Duncan asked me what veg we needed ….. I knew we needed carrots,  but I said onions and I couldn’t for the life of me say carrots,  my thought process was falling over the words and my mouth was just frozen.  Other ladies have explained that this is indeed normal.

I guess the upside is that when all my girlfriends go through their change , I can sit back and say …. been there …. done that! But as no one can say how long I will experience these menopausal symptons I could still be experiencing it when they are. This is a depressing thought!

Maybe its because its been surgical that I have noticed the difference so instantly – I guess when you are peri-menopausal it comes on over a steady period of time. 

I do miss my old youthful body! I do miss the energy and brain ability that I had – of course I will continue to work on getting it back,  but at the moment their is a hole in my bucket!

Oh and if you are on Facebook  and are interested do a search for The Menopause Is Not For Wimps …. is a new group I have set up so ladies of what ever age, whatever background etc can share tips for coping with this stage in life.

Kind regards

Endosister Liz 



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