Week thirteen physical update

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Week thirteen Progress

I can really tell that physically I am making progress now am walking further and further.  Am having a few issues with lower back pain,  which is something to do with my stomach muscles.  D says that I am moving easier than I have been,  although sudden movements aren’t recommended.  Also I am still finding it difficult when I lift things out of the oven (and this ‘ just because I am no good at cooking!). That was a real bonus of me being away,  Duncan was really complimentary about how much progress I had made in the week that I had been away.

I can feel the incision constantly, if I move, breathe or cough it’s always there (pelvic floor all the way),  the good thing is that it is definitely lessening.  When I am out walking I can feel the scar tissue pulling as I move,  this gets progressively more uncomfortable,  but is bearable until I get tired.

The tiredness still hits me like a wall,  or a mountain.  From the research this is quite normal and is part of the bodies healing process.

With regards to lifting things,  am still airing on the side of caution about this – particularly as my back is so uncomfortable , really don’t want to do any damage to my back.

My really exciting news is that I started driving this weekend – nearly 14 weeks without my own independence ,  how I have missed my own wheels! My first drive was to Tesco – about 2 miles there and back.  It felt great.  You will remember that I have described a funny pain on my lower left rib, when I twist it pulls and feels like its a knot.  When I am a passenger in the car, it often pulls and hurts.  This was slightly worse when driving – in fact the feeling it gives me is quite nauseous.  Am sure this will get better with time though.

Also my vulva & bowels have been rather uncomfortable in the last week.  Partly I wonder if its because I have been eating wheat ,  I have more or less avoided it for about 3 years, but whilst with my brother I really went to town!

The other difficulty I am getting is with my right hip,  with no warning it gives way.  I got this pre op and I was told it was due to the endo wrapping itself around my sciatic nerve.  Am also hopeful that this will get better over time.

But I kinda feel that the pain I am experiencing is probably as good as its gonna get,  therefore I intend to stop thinking about it.  I know I won’t do anything to harm myself now, I just need to take it easy and build up my stamina and my strength.  I am sure this will help with some of the discomfort.

Tomorrow I am going to start exercising

Will keep you posted
Endosister liz

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