Week fourteen – coping with the menopause

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Week fourteen – coping with the menopause
The menopause has hit me like a brick wall.  Before my op I was on Zoladex, I had the 10.8mg 12 weekly injection which gave a medically induced menopause.  I kinda think that I assumed I would have a smooth transition in to this state and that I wouldn’t really feel any different.

I was wrong on both accounts! The menopause has for me had a severe impact. From memory I have mentioned this before in my blog.  But memory is not that great these days.

From about 7ish in the evening I get hot flushes, my skin is dry, my hair is coarse,  I have hair growing in places it shouldn’t.  All of these things seem minute,  and I guess over time you don’t really notice them,  but I have noticed it because its happened all of a sudden. I am also drier (you know where) than I ever thought possible, even wiping myself after going to the loo is sore because I am so dry.

I am still taking the homeopathic approach to HRT, and maybe if I was taking the livial then I would be having an easier time of it.  Who knows,  and I guess considering I hear from other ladies who have to change the bed sheets at night due to sweats, I am quite fortunate because this doesn’t happen to me!

I am surprised as to how different I feel now I am menopausal, it has alarmed me how old its made me feel,  but again maybe this will lessen in time once I recover from the full extent of the surgery.

Anyhow I had better go …. I need to locate some stuff I have lost in the house…. a regular occurrence now I am afraid!!!!

Endosister Liz


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