Week twenty one – physical update

Posted on: August 8, 2011

Week twenty one – physical update

I cannot believe that we are already at the 5 month mark, the time has passed slowly yet so fast.

Physically there is a huge difference from week 8 to say now,  but the difference from week 16 to now is less obvious.  On our holiday we both enjoyed walks and being more physically active.  My body is less willing than my mind.  Walking is okay for short ish distances, but any more than an hour of mooching or walking stairs , around museums etc and I tire easily,  not to mention the pain I begin to experience from adhesion and scar tissue.  The pain I get is from around my belly button across to the bottom of my lungs and also around the area where my womb and ovaries were.  The lower pain at times makes me walk funny – its a kinda limp.  The only way to get it to calm down was by stopping frequently for tea and cake.  Duncan became an expert at spotting it,  but there were a few days when my belly was so swollen from walking or just because it was that I was grateful for the maxi dresses I had packed.  Thank god maxi dresses have been fashionable this year.

It was a real wake up call for me as to how far I have left to travel on the recovery.  Whilst it didn’t ruin our holiday it did affect the activities we took part in and the places we visited.

I apologise now for the TMI but look away now if you don’t want to hear it.

My bowels have also been unpleasant,  with searing pain and a mixture of constipation or the other!  Mostly I managed to remain on a healthy wheat free , meat free diet,  but there were days when I made exception on the wheat free for cake.

On the whole I am still good at ensuring I don’t lift anything too heavy but a few times I have forgotten and carried something I shouldn’t,  my body is not afraid to remind me later on of my stupidity.

My patience is starting to wear a bit thin,  I appreciate that I was warned it would be a year before I would feel fully recovered  but I am tired of being in pain.  Which is ironic really when you consider that with Endo a pain free day was never present.

It was good to speak to some other ladies who had vertical incisions around the same time as me and discover that they too are still experiencing pain.

regards endosister Liz



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