Top tips for surviving the menopause

Posted on: August 17, 2011

My top tips for survival are

1. Get a fan or some magicool (a spray mist of cool refreshing water which when put on your palm will instantly cool) and keep them with you

2. If your legs are twitchy move around get the blood flowing

3. If you are nauseous or dizzy keep water and mints with you at all times

4. wear layers, cotton vests become your best friends , under shirts or cardigans you can layer down or up depending on your temperature

5. adopt a wicked sense of humour.  The menopause sucks but its a stage we all have to deal with – be brave and strong , and most importantly don’t be ashamed

6. investigate what dietary changes you can make – for example alcohol and spice bring mine on,  so I avoid alcohol mostly and try to consider what I am eating and where so I am prepared for the hot flash that may follow

7. Make an informed choice about HRT and/or supplements. I am currently taking the natural route,  but may at some point in the future take HRT.  Its a lonely path not taking HRT as its the preferred conventional route.

8. Investigate and try out various types of lubrication. This is probably one of the most important.  Being dry is no fun.  Personally its something I am really struggling with.  This is a problem for me not because of sex and intimacy its wider than that.  I am dry all the time,  it makes me itchy and sore when I pee.  When I use the loo I add aloe vera gel to the toilet roll to soften when I wipe.  Currently am trying different lubricants to help this little issue!  At the moment its a case of trial and error.








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