Week twenty five – babies babies every where

Posted on: September 3, 2011

Week twenty five – babies babies every where!

Duncan and I are starting to believe that when we leave the house a signal goes out to all pregnant women & new mums to leave the house and wait for us to appear.

The other night we had arranged to meet Duncans cousin, her husband and their 4 children at a local pub for a meal as they were in the area.  It was a family pub with a childs play area – the kind we seek to avoid these days. Whilst we were looking forward to seeing them all,  it raised some anxiety for D who finds spending time with children difficult.  When waiting in the pub we got a text to say that they were unable to come and we decided that we’d go elsewhere for a bite to eat.

The pub we chose to visit is a local village pub, you know the type cosy and without thinking about it ‘childfree’.  The pub was actually quite busy for mid week,  a group of ladies huddled in the corner for their weekly ‘knitting club’ . Yes you read right, they have a weekly ‘knitting club’ and the members are young from early twenties up to mid forties’.

Anyhow I was sat with my back to the door and a couple walked in to the pub…. I just knew intuitively that they had a baby with them. The ladies in the pub started cooeing and clucking over this 3 day old baby.  What happened next was a surprise for me.  Duncan left the table and said he’d meet me in the car.  I paid for the food and followed him out.  He was stood by the car – waiting to give me a cuddle.  We stood in the car park and just hugged ,  hanging on to each other for dear life.
In the car on the way home we spoke briefly about how Duncan found children annoying now, not because he hates them but for him its his way of coping.

That night as we went to bed the closeness was incredible.

Infertility is seemingly endless, yet tonight we made some progress together by learning and understanding each others pain that bit more

Endosister Liz



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