Week twenty five – clothing!

Posted on: September 3, 2011

Week twenty five – clothing

What a nightmare I am having with regards to clothing and what is comfortable for work.  My hyster-bellie has shrunk undoubtedly,  a good friend complimented me the other day saying I no longer looked heavily pregnant … when she realised what she had said I felt so sorry for her. It gave us something to giggle at!

During my sickness I lived and died in leggings or maxi dresses.  Now returning to the world of work, and the autumn approaching maxi dresses don’t seem so appropriate or maybe smart enough.  Also the scar is so damned tickly! Will it always tickle like this? I have avoided trousers due to where the zip ends.  If it rubs around the bellie button then it will aggravate the scar , it takes very little for it to get sore, and agitated. So its a bit of a pickle but probably a good excuse to go shopping next week for some new work gear.

Also shoes,  over the summer flat sandals have been a godsend,  my ability to wear heels has been limited.  So this week there will be a venture in to town to get some ballet style pumps in a few different colours.

Isn’t it amazing how much it has affected my dress and style. Actually now I write the word style this is exactly the meaning.  Before my op and weight loss I knew how to dress, now I don’t .  I have no comprehension of what suits me, or what is suitable for work, let alone what my body is happy with!

Whilst I continue to lose weight it is a waste of time spending too much on a new wardrobe but I am lost as to what my style is.  Wandering round shops stresses me out because I am not sure what I am looking for.  So many pretty dresses and styles,  all so feminine …… inside I don’t feel feminine so how can I wear something like that surely it won’t suit me.

Thankfully my lovely wonderful friend Linda has been on hand to advise with some shopping prior to returning to work. She is just the best


Endosister Liz




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