Week twenty seven – vaginal atrophy

Posted on: September 8, 2011

week twenty seven – vaginal atrophy

Yes I know , the title this week of my blog is rather …. erm graphic! but there is simply no way around it. You see we have a wee problem.  Many of the symptoms I have been describing to you recently actually have a name. Yes , you guessed it Vaginal Atrophy !  Go on I dare you , google it right now and read for yourself.

No bugger gives you the heads up on this one do they, honestly men would NOT be able to cope with this much radical change in ones body in such a short space of time. Whether its surgical or natural menopause Vaginal Atrophy is something over half of all menopausal women suffer from, the ones at least that discuss it with their doctors!

I have noticed in the past few weeks that my lips (not my lip lips,  the ones down there …) seem to have a gap,  and its funny because I don’t ever remember there being a gap before, I never had to say to Duncan ‘Mind the gap down there please’. but now I am thinking of investing in a sign. I had literally put the difference down to losing weight and having a particularly radical wax job in that region,  which drew my attention to an area that I don’t often look at that closely. 

What an idiot am I !!!! No my lips are not just  ‘weak, limp & lifeless’ (thanks Cheryl Cole I will think of you everytime I see my flange now) they are infact suffering from Vaginal Atropy – it is normal for your lips to hang like they have a load of tic tacs inside making them hang like a sock with an orange in.  Because apparently they have lost ….. yes lost …. their elasticity ……… really  ……… seriously! As I type this tonight I can feel myself laughing , almost in shock that this change has happened.  I now wish I had paid more attention to my pert lips and appreciated them when in their prime. 

Instead now, I look and think how revolting they look. A description on here is I believe a step to far even for me, but please respect my judgement when I say they really are not pretty. Not only does intimacy now feel like I am being shagged by a cheese grater, my bits look like a limp lettuce leaf. I just have to hope they stop stretching soon otherwise I will need bigger pants to tuck them in to.  Oh no, now I have an image of me folding them back in to place  …… I must stop and walk away from this posting right now.  It is just too painful

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ….. the menopause sucks and a surgical menopause is just plain rude and frankly a nightmare! my body has changed beyond all recognition in such a short space of time.  How is it possible that i can age 10 years in  6 months.


Endosister Liz


2 Responses to "Week twenty seven – vaginal atrophy"

You have made me laugh so much – I daren’t google it because I feel that I may have been suffering the same thing for many years – lopsided too, the same as my boobs! I won’t google it…I won’t, I won’t, I won’t!

its a cautionary tale Sophie!, I bet you have googled it! thanks for stopping by xx

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