Returning to work after a hysterectomy TAHBSO

Posted on: October 9, 2011

Week thirty one – Returning to work after a hysterectomy (TAHBSO), bladder and bowel resect.

Physically I am still finding there is a considerable way for me to go before I am fully recovered.  My consultant did say in the early days that I could expect to be in pain for at least a year.  My GP revised this to 18 months.  They were right, scar tissue and I guess deep bruising as a result of the surgery does give me daily discomfort.

My clothing is still affected as anything that rubs my scar is uncomfortable.  I have some fantastic ‘jeggings’ which are proper denim that have become my lifeline at weekends.  As the seasons change, I am hopeful that I will be able to wear tights as long as the pants I put on have no seam and are soft material.  Shoes are a problem,  heels cause my stomach considerable discomfort when worn for any length of time, therefore some flat pumps have been a welcome addition to my shoe collection.

Driving is the shocker really,  my job requires me to do around 16 hours commuting a week. This is causing me considerable discomfort. My car is fairly old (but loved) and without power-steering. I don’t know if it would make a difference having a car with power-steering or if I had an automatic, but my stomach throbs particularly the lower left abdomen.  If I drive for any more than an hour I have to stop and have a break before the pain becomes too much.

With regards to my movements ….. yes sorry …. my bowel movements – the mornings continue to be a problem.  Last week  went to the loo no less than 12 times.  Admittedly this is an exception but it just shows that my body is still settling down. I am required to work from 2 offices one is 2 hours from home the other about 50 minutes away. To be at the office furthest from home, I have to leave  home at 6:45 in the morning – giving me enough time to stop at my office (halfway between the two) so I can use the loo and then go on my merry way. This is obviously adding time to my daily commute, as well as stress.  I panic if I am not going to be near a loo or unable to get to one if I need it. I think its important that I include this in my blog as its a real hidden consequence of my surgery and people seem shocked that I am still adjusting to my new body! I feel like I have to justify myself far more than I probably need to.

Endo type bowel pain still exists for me,  and at the end of November I will be seeing a bowel specialist just to get it checked out.

You may remember that  I have discussed that ever since the op there has been a pain on my lower left abdomen, it pulls when I move side to side , this pain has been dismissed previously as surgery related . Yet since returning to work it has got worse rather than better.  It throbs at night and hurts when I roll over in bed. This coupled with back ache at the end of the day alongside hot flushes makes for a disrupted nights sleep!.  I mentioned this to my GP and he feels that this pain could be endometriosis, even mentioning that it could be kidney related.  I am not jumping to conclusions, nor has my GP referred me to see my consultant to discuss.  So I am not sure where it leaves me, disappointed in many ways but realistic in others.

I guess it leaves me with a pain in my side that does not seem to be getting better !

I suppose the final physical diffcultly that I am experiencing is fatigue. OMG I could sleep on a washing line, literally I get home from work and am completely washed out. Again this is incredibly normal for someone post major surgery, and it is a well known side affect of the menopause.

Hope this blog has not been too winglike for you – its certainly not meant to read like that, I just know physically I have not given you an update of where I am currently.

I am just making sure that at the weekend I am not doing too much and that I will continue to monitor the hours I keep at work.

Take care

Endosister Liz





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