Ainsley – miracles do happen

Posted on: January 8, 2012

Just over a year ago I went to Maidstone in Kent to take part in The Roses of Endometriosis photoshoot. I made friends with many other Endosisters that day. One lady in particular touched me more than any other.  Ainsley Grant  and I had some similarities, we had both been trying for a family for some time; we both had experienced multiple miscarriages, and laparoscopies (Ainsley has had an incredible 11 surgeries) – sadly Ainsley had to terminate a pregnancy at 15 weeks a decision that is just unthinkable. . Ainsley and I both worried about those present at the photoshoot who considered that their lives were over because of Endometriosis.  Together we decided to start an online blog, documenting our experiences.

Ainsley never ever stopped believing that she would be a Mum, her dedication and determination was incredible – enough to make me question now and before my operation whether I was making the right choice. Their are two main differences with our illness; Ainsley struggled to conceive where as I could conceive but my body would not carry a baby. It is this fact I have to remind myself regularly everytime I hear of a fellow endosister announcing their miracle.

On the 1st March last year Ainsley saw her consultant (ironically the same day as my hysterectomy) one of the options she was given was to begin taking  Clomifene for three months.  I believe that this stimulates egg production and aids conception. It increases the chances of having a multiple birth from 1% to 10%. Ainsley’s fear was that she may of had 11 operations for nothing.

Amazingly Ainsley and her husband fell pregnant.  Her announcement was just magical and an incredible feeling.  Her pregnancy was not easy, since the early days Ainsley has been on almost complete bed rest,  spending around the last 10 weeks in hospital.  Her emotions and body have been I am sure under incredible pressure.  I have not spoken to her since last August due to her hospitalisation.

I just want to write here maybe someday she will read how incredibly proud I am of her;

Ainsley you are a Mum; Daisy and Jack were delivered by emergency C section this week and today I read that you are home with your babies. At last you have achieved what was so illusive; am so proud of you and so in awe of how inspirational you have been.

I have followed your journey on Facebook, have hoped and dared believe that your dream would come true.  Now I will thank the universe for giving you your miracles and send you my blessing

Take care my incredible friend – you are proof that miracles do happen

Love always

Endosister Liz


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