Managing the menopause naturally

Posted on: January 8, 2012

I haven’t updated for some time how the menopause is treating me.  That’s largely due to the fact that I am learning to manage how its affecting my life on a daily basis.

No longer does it feel odd that I remove garments in a flash;  or that my night sleep is interrupted by regular sweats or phases of palpitations. Its just become part of my daily route.  I keep mints with me to help the nausea that affects me before my ‘tropical moment’ , my hand fan is always in my bag and I would never dream of wearing a high neck jumper or anything too thick.  Layers are the way forward in my wardrobe!

The reason for my update is because over Christmas my regular routine was significantly affected.  I noticed this mainly because my hot flushes were more frequent and more aggressive.  I therefore conclude that the concoction of alternative supplements, daily intake of soya milk and copious amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables are having a significant affect on my menopausal status.

I am really quite chuffed with this revelation because you never really know whether you are doing the right thing.  My Doctor as much as he is an open minded approachable GP is so against my refusal to take HRT.  Of course he believes he knows best, I am too young to cope with the affects of the surgical menopause without the ‘addback’ therapy which is HRT.  However I do not wish to take HRT it is a combination of artificial medication that I simply don’t want in my body.

I am being cautious, I take daily a multi nutrient which is designed for menopausal women; it includes various vitamins as well as magnesium, calcium & iron.  For the hot flushes I take Red Clover – many women take Black Cohosh,  but this is not an option for me due to its connection with Endometriosis.  Lastly I take Omega 3,6 & 9 to help with general dryness.

It is so good to have affirmation that I am doing the right thing; within 2 days of returning to my routine I could notice the difference – for example my hot flushes are not quite as aggressive.  I am not pretending that the menopause is easy because it is not.  I feel 10 years older than I did last year.  My skin is fragile and aged. Tiredness embraces me yet I cannot sleep, and the sleep that I get is shallow yet it feels like this is becoming normality for me now – its not quite so frightening.

Kind regards

Endosister Liz






6 Responses to "Managing the menopause naturally"

Hi Liz,

I came looking for endo info, but ended up reading this post on menopause and just wanted to congratulate you on sticking to your guns and going the natural route with menopause. I am too, here in the US, and after three months off HRT, feel pretty good. Doing same things as you, lots of fruits and veggies. Here is a great article on foods for hot flash relief: . Now I will read your endo posts 😉

hi Nancy thank you so much for your comments and for stopping by – I will read the article , its so interesting and fascinating to me now
Good luck and if you want to share anything else on here please do

How wonderful to hear another person is also going down the ‘natural’ menopause route.My surgically induced menopause took place in late Dec 2010 after many invasive surgeries and I have searched to find any information on managing it all without hrt-my husband stumbles across your page and sent it to me.I will be looking at the supplements that you are using and perhaps try for myself.
Thank you for the blog-I shall definitely be visiting again.
Good luck.x

Hi thanks for stopping by and saying hello, its quite a lonely world isnt it going it alone!

please just ask if you have any questions – i bought a book called New natural alternatives to HRT. have a look at it – its quite good, a bit much at times but its an eyeopener

Good luck – let me know how you get on


I have never read a blog before and yours has certainly uplifted me. Iam having a total Hysterectomy due to severe endometriosis on Thursday, and although i am very nervous my main worries have always been with HRT and the menopause as i am only 36. I had started to think about alternative options and your story has given me hope. I know we are all different and i have read some truly sad stories, but yours gives me a bit of positive hope before my op. thank you. Louise Verney

Hi Louise, firstly good luck this week, you are bound to be all over the place at the moment. You will come through it a new woman. Am so pleased my blog has helped you – this was the reason I started writing. Let me know how you get on – keep in touch and please ask if you have any questions.
You could go and see a nutritionalist in a few months once you have started to settle down a bit they are really helpful
Thinking of you
Endosister Liz xxxxx

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