Feeling slightly strange!

Posted on: January 17, 2012

From what I understand the Menopause manifests itself in different ways to each of us. Some ladies have little or no side affects but some have a full whammy.  A surgical menopause is often aggressive and a huge shock to the system.

I am a bit confused by how I feel at the moment and I have to say I am rather embarrassed.

Before my op I went through a stage of feeling incredibly randy – so randy that I would have been up for it any time or any where.  I kinda feel like this now.

But I am getting all sorts of inappropriate thoughts! Thoughts with no details – sorry to shatter the illusion but my mind is wandering and thinking about sex or physical contact of any kind.  My marriage is a big deal to me and thankfully my husband is incredibly supportive – he loves me and actually spoke some sense when he came home from work today.

I have been a little anxious about my fruity thoughts and have been completely honest with him about it.  Duncan talked tonight about a woman that he used to work with who during the early stages of the menopause was like a cat on heat.  Chasing after men and putting herself in vulnerable situations, embarrassingly I can completely identify with this.

I almost feel a bit pumped of adrenaline like I want to do something risky that I would never normally do …… I did get really drunk last week which is so unlike me but it made me feel really full of excitement (until the next morning).

Am sure its just a passing phase but before I wimp out and change my mind about telling you I wanted to write it down in a blog

Endosister Liz



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