To my beautiful Endosisters

Posted on: January 17, 2012

There is no doubt that friends have been huge part in my pathway to recovery.  Along the way I have been blessed with meeting some simply inspirational women. My blog today is about alliances and friendships formed with my Endosisters.

At times I have been asked whether it is healthy for me to maintain contact with the charity and support other ladies with this illness.  My response is considered and clear.

Living with chronic illness is lonely; living with infertility is isolating; Endometriosis + infertility = silent illness that no-one wants to talk about.

A group of really special ladies whom I am honoured to call my Endosisters and myself met for a weekend away in December. Our commonality being friendship through chronic illness.

The weekend was full of laughter coupled with crippling emotions reflecting the experiences we shared together.

It was risky us all agreeing to meet face to face.  I am a firm believer that friendships come and go in your life; only a few will be lifelong.  Our Endosister friendships made in the last year have aided our recoveries and helped us each to feel less isolated and at times listened to in a way that was just not possible with our respective families and friends. Each of us have formed relationships on a 121 basis but 10 of us met (some for the first time). Tears flowed as emotions and hugs were given freely.

Some of us will meet again; for those of us who don’t it is not personal – just that our friendships have formed, been helpful and now we need to move to the next chapter in our lives.  For those of you whom I may never meet again – the imprint of our friendships will last a lifetime – I thank you.

Anyone who either lives with or comes in to contact with chronic illness will know that a positive mental attitude is a huge part of your survival. Making contact with other Endosisters, sharing experiences, understanding that I am not actually going mad -questioning how I feel has at times has helped me to keep a positive and hang on to the belief that at some point things will get easier.

After all who else could you talk so freely about enemas, bowel movements, weak bladders and sex after major surgery!

My life has transformed in the last 10 months.  Loosing my womanhood; meeting Endosisters and becoming lifelong friends; writing my blog; volunteering for Endometriosis UK – these are all things that now define who I am.

With the support of those Endosisters (they know who they are) I have begun to find me – a woman in my own right!

All of us are at different stages of our journey; some ladies kept their ovaries; some ladies have new challenges physically or mentally to address.

Knowing that everystep of the way there is a Endosister that we can call, whether its to cry, shout, ask questions or just chat makes it a little less frightening and isolating.

For me its not about hanging on to the illness that has cost me so dearly – its about remembering , acknowledging and striving to carve out my new life.

Anyone who questions my commitment to supporting others with Endometriosis, infertility and my fellow Endosisters does not deserve a response.  Spend a day in my shoes – if you have everything you ever dreamed off and lost it or worse still never had the opportunity to experience it.  How would you cope with it?

You would wake up each morning and make the best of what you could. Which is all I am doing – this feels like its my soul purpose.

Life moves in mysterious ways.  I chose to tell my story to help others understand how isolating Endometriosis and infertility is.  For me this is how I rationalise my circumstances.  This is what I am meant to be doing, representing others who can’t speak out about their pain around infertility.

There was a time that I was embarrassed about my infertile state – now I have a scar that gives me authenticity.

To all of my Endosisters – thank you for your support, I love you dearly and am so honoured we became friends you are all a true inspiration.

Endosister Liz




1 Response to "To my beautiful Endosisters"

Liz. Understand why you feel this way. You know where I am if you need anything x

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