Posted on: February 28, 2012


Week fifteen – a letter to motherhood ‘Mo’

Dear Motherhood

As I write to you today, I can hear in my head the children’s nursery rhyme ‘ring o ring of roses’ , not sure if this has symbolic meaning as it has links with the plague or if its simply a childhood song.

It is taking me some time to understand where I am at, I don’t believe I truly understand,  I can only believe I am part of the way there.  It has taken me several attempts to write to you today.  I have decided to give you a name – that way you are more real than just fictional. So motherhood or ‘Mo’ for short.    Not having you in my life hurts more than I could ever imagine possible.  How can I miss something that I have never really had?

There are so many questions that I have…

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