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It’s funny where I find myself in life these days …… Having battled infertility and endometriosis for years and ending our journey without the patter of tiny feet i regularly get asked for words or opinions on things in the press either on Facebook, via my blog. Perhaps I am known for speaking the unspoken – I chose a long time ago to be open about the pain of infertility it’s too late to back out now. 
Bridget Jones movie and the recent BBC documentary on fertility are no exceptions. Whilst I am humbled to be asked an opinion i consider myself no expert on the matter and perhaps more reluctant to have a little insight than people realise. 
It’s not unusual for ladies in their late thirties or early forties to have a surprise baby….. (My gran had a baby my auntie later and in her time it wasn’t the done thing!) Referred often to as the menopause baby….. Fertility is damaged by age this we know – any awareness of this has to be a good thing. I am very happy for Alex Jones and her husband on their announcement this week timing of her announcement is perhaps a little unfortunate but you can’t help nature sometimes and I love that it will give hope to those who need it. 
Do I feel sad that 2 high profile peeps (yeah I know BJ isn’t real) have managed to fall pregnant – NO! My reason is simple – I wouldn’t wish infertility on anyone, it’s not sexy, it’s bloody isolating and it hurts like hell, if you let it – it does and will destroy you. You have to work bloody hard to not let it define you and even if you think it hasn’t – it probably has. 
It is said that no publicity is bad publicity but perhaps by always giving the message that you will have a baby it romanticises the reality of fertility difficulties? 
I have never been bitter about where we find ourselves, I have, correction we have shed many a tear over announcements of pregnancies, scan photos being shoved in face, going to kiddies birthday parties and leaving on my own, listened to colleagues describing empty nest syndrome and inside thinking ‘you are lucky to have had a nest in the first place’. This isn’t bitterness it’s the reality of infertility. 
We are a statistic as we all are for many different reasons, and I find myself in the position where I am really proud to have been asked to become a spokeswoman this week on living with infertility. I just hope I can do it justice when the time comes.,
Sharing for those that know, those who perhaps know someone who knows and for those who may need to know. 


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