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use this link to read about other personal stories of how inspirational women have coped with living with challenges Endometriosis has thrown at them this is another amazing blog written by Melissa.  This is a blog to assist other women, and loved ones of women suffering from endometriosis, with the condition. Endometriosis will be hereafter referred to as “endo” in this blog. Endometriosis Journey is only meant to serve as a guide and support for women with endo and their partners, I am by no means a medical doctor and this blog should only be used in conjunction with the professional advice of a gynecologist. She is a 34-year-old resident of east-central New Hampshire. Diagnosed with stage IV (4) endo in 2003 by laparoscopy. In this blog, she tells her story, offers support and experience, and provide useful articles on endo research and treatment.


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Roses of Endometriosis

From the beginning right back to before my operation

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